When thinking about the saxophone, American big bands of the 40s and 50s and great Jazz musicians like Paul Desmond, Charly Parker or Cannonball Adderley come to mind. In fact, the saxophone is regularly conceived as a pure Jazz instrument. However, the saxophone is much older than the Jazz. And indeed, when it was developed by Antoine-Joseph Sax in the 1830's, the "voice of Sax" (Sax-o-phone) sounded a little different than most people are used to today.

The Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble, formed by students of the New York born Carina Rascher, took on the challenge to bring back this original sound to concert halls around the world. Based in Tübingen, Germany, the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble established a stronghold of the classical saxophone in Germany. With its own musical school (led by Noah Bedrin), self-made transcriptions for saxophone ensemble and premieres of newly composed pieces dedicated to the ensemble by contemporary composers showcasing the sound of the classical saxophone the group made a name for itself nationwide and abroad.

For all that, the ensemble has never forgotten its American roots and never lost touch with the well-known American side to the saxophone’s history: Included in their repertoire are original American compositions as well as transcribed works of American artists, performed on vintage Buescher instruments produced in the United States.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that after concert tours to Africa and South-East Asia, the ensemble chose to literally revisit these roots and picked the United States as their next destination for a concert tour. From 2014-04-13 to 2014-04-27 the 17 musicians, led by conductor Harry D. Bath, will travel along the American East Coast, performing concerts, connecting to American artists and sharing the sound and quality of the classical saxophone.

The occasion calls for a special musical mix. The audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy works of composers like Mozart or Gershwin, experience the variety of original compositions dedicated to the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble and immerse themselves in sounds ranging from baroque dances to neoclassical “Klangwolken” (clouds of sounds).

The tour begins in Georgia, more exactly in Fayetteville at the Whitewater High School, where the ensemble will participate in some German and music classes, and perform a concert on the school campus (2014-04-15, 14:30). Still in the vicinity of Atlanta, the musicians will showcase their skills at Lassiter High School on the next day.

Upon invitation of the Florida State University, the ensemble will then travel to Tallahassee to give a joint concert with Patrick Meighan’s saxophone ensemble on the campus of the University. Patrick Meighan, who is a professor for saxophone at Florida State, used to teach Noah Bedrin and was himself taught by the famous Sigurd Rascher. The concert will take place on 2014-04-18 at 8pm.

The definitive highlights of the concert tour will be the performances during the Washington DC and New York international music festivals. There, the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble will present to an even wider audience the sound of the classical saxophone on two of the most prestigious stages in the world: The Kennedy Center for the performing arts in Washington and the Carnegie Hall in New York.

More information can be found in the official program of the evening showcases in Washington and New York. For all tour dates, go to our international dates section.

We kindly thank our partners, the "Goethe Insitut" and "World projects" for their financial and logistical support: