The Formation

Founded in 1997, the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble originated from the saxophone quartet "Saxtett Tübingen". Since then, the ensemble is committed to fostering the appreciation of the saxophone as a classical orchestral instrument by playing concerts and to passing on the knowledge about the instrument's roots to the next generation of players through teaching. The lineup corresponds to descriptions by Adolphe Sax, who intended to replicate a string orchestra, popular at this time, with the five different construction forms from bass to soprano. The sound, however, offers little resemblance with the "jazzy" tone the saxophone is well-known for. Stuttgart's newspaper "Stuttgarter Zeitung" for example marvels at the ensemble's "orchestral radiance". And the "Schwabische Tagblatt" reads "regarding the quality and the body of the tone this ensemble is in no way inferior to a full-size symphonic orchestra". The versatility and multifaceted nature of the instrument are also mirrored in the repertoire of the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble, which extends from baroque organ works over romatic orchestral music to premiering temporary music.

The Saxophonists

In the meantime, the ensemble has grown to a size of 16 saxophone players and 2 percussionist. Most of its members, the majority of whom grew up in southern Germany and Switzerland, were awarded the prestigious "Jugend musiziert"-awards and played in various national and international orchestras. The musicians almost exclusively play on old Buescher saxophones, which are modeled after the original design by Adolphe Sax. 

Activities / Awards

In the summer months, the ensemble regularly embarks on tours around the world, filling concert halls abroad, but the ensemble also knows how to deliver in front of Professional juries. At the Deutscher Orchesterwettbewerb (German Music Competition) in 2004 the ensemble won the first prize on the state level and the second prize on the federal level.

In August 2006, the ensemble went on tour through Southern Africa and gave much-noticed concerts in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Sambia. At the International Music Competition "Tygerberg Fanfare" in Cape Town, South Africa, the ensemble was awarded the first prize with distinction.

Asia, New Zealand, and Australia were the destinations of the ensemble's long-distance tour in 2009. The highlights: a performance in the world famous Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, and the Gold Medal with distinction that the ensemble was awarded by the Jury of the 20th Australian International Music Festival. Further international recognition was earned in 2014 with performances in the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in Washington D.C. and the Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The most recent tour lead the ensemble to Austria and the Czech Republic a performance in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna as part of the 'Summa Cum Laude' Festival.